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Are you looking for that perfect architectural element that is both aesthetic and functional? While many people invest in our residential products with only aesthetic objects in mind, fabric awnings and canopies have been effectively used for thousands of years to protect homes and their inhabitants from sun and rain.  Awnings and canopies not only provide rain relief, shade and a reduction in solar heat gain, they can enhance the overall appearance of your home with an attractive addition of shape and color.

Door Awnings – Being burned by a hot doorknob or getting soaked as you try to get in the door with a bag of groceries is not only inconvenient. It is also an indicator of possible problems in the future. Once doors, jams and thresholds have been deteriorated by water and sunlight, the damage can move inside to affect flooring, sub-floors, and framing.

Window Awnings – As the cost of energy grows, as well as concern over energy production’s environmental impact, a large reduction of heat gain through windows is easily achieved with the addition of our fabric awnings. And unlike tinting, blinds or interior shades, an awning actually stops the harmful UV rays before they reach the house. With an awning in place, heat is kept outside of the home and objects inside are protected from UV damage, but ambient light is still able to enter the room.

Patio & Deck Solutions – Without a protective covering, a majority of decks and patios in our area are practically unusable during the hottest times of the year. We offer retractable and stationary improvements for your deck or patio. A retractable awning provides shade only when you need it. The rest of the time it can be stored in the retracted position in order to preserve your view and not be subjected to the elements. However, whether they are being used or not, furnishings and the structures themselves are steadily deteriorated by the elements. Our answer is our stationary patio canopy, which usually can be designed to be capable of receiving ceiling fans. This solution not only protects your furnishings and structure, it also gives you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors on rainy days, at a fraction of the cost of framed construction.

Our rugged frames are assembled by seasoned welding professionals, using top quality materials, state of art equipment, and proven methods.  Whether we are working with steel or aluminum, our frames are designed to be strong, stable and durable for the long term. If a colored frame is required, we offer direct to metal paint or powder coating.

We offer a quite broad selection of fabrics with varying properties of light transmittance, UV resistance, water repellency, and flame, mildew and wick resistance. We’ll help you choose the most appropriate fabric for your specific installation.

Macon Tent & Awning Co., Inc. is a long term supporter and member of the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association.

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