Macon Tent and Awning Company, 230 South Street, Macon, Georgia 31202


Our skill sets and equipment have always been employed to meet many different needs of the industrial community. We have design and manufacturing experience with a wide variety of custom productions to include but not limited to chutes, sleeves, socks, filters, box covers, control panel covers, curtains, tarpaulins, tents, heavy equipment enclosures, etc. Some orders consist of a one of a kind unit that will never be replicated, while other orders are for hundreds of units from a design that we have on file.

We offer onsite consultation and design, or we can work from a customer’s verbal specifications, rough sketch, or CAD drawing.

If we are invited to your facility for consultation, design, or installation, you can expect us to meet or exceed safety requirements. Our crews have been safely employed in some of the most challenging conditions in industry. However, you can also depend on us to say no when a situation presents a risk that our personnel are not prepared for.

Our work can be found all over Georgia and throughout the world in manufacturing facilities, on and inside of aircraft, and as part of sophisticated equipment.  Often a solution is created and refined in one location, then shared with other locations within an organization.

Materials that we stock include light, medium and heavy vinyl goods, cotton duck of various weights, meshes, webbing, and filter fabrics. We also have relationships with leading vendors within our industry, and can source just about any fabric product in the market. 

Macon Tent & Awning Co. is a long term supporter and member of the Industrial Fabrics Association International.