Macon Tent and Awning Company, 230 South Street, Macon, Georgia 31202


At Macon Tent & Awning, we field some pretty interesting requests. We have made canopies for grill trailers, curtain enclosures for ATV’s, travel covers for hitch mounted scooters, replacement lawnmower bags, and even a funeral shroud for a burial at sea. Our products can be found at carnivals and in movies.

One of our most commonly received requests is not for a new product, but for the repair or modification of an existing fabric item. This might include patching, restitching, zipper replacement, velcro replacement, refinishing, or resizing.

We are the firm of choice for one of a kind products made from heavy fabric or strapping. We can produce protective covers, curtains, backdrops, tarpaulins, and many other items. Just ask us for a solution.

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To get feedback on your specific project, please contact us at your convenience.