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Our commercial awnings and canopies are used to meet objectives such as rain relief, shade, decoration, façade improvement, branding, identification, and graphics. Whether you need an elegant entrance for a professional office, a distinctive look for a store, or additional seating for a restaurant, we can help you choose the appropriate style, colors and materials to achieve your objectives for your business.

Make the most of a high traffic location with an catching awning, decorated to identify YOUR business! Plus, use your awning as a landmark to help visitors find your location.

Often our products are well worth their cost in meeting one objective, then are found to meet another objective at little or no additional cost.  For example, a business may call on us to provide a protection product and then be able to have that product become a signage solution as well, all at a cost and level of complication well below that of having separate solutions. Many national restaurant and retail chains are using awnings as elements of protection and identification because of this tremendous value opportunity.

We can work from existing plans to build a product that meets your specifications, or we can take the project all the way from concept to completion, complete with artistically created renderings. Our commercial products range from simple door awnings, to illuminated graphic solutions, to patio canopies with curtain systems, to interior design elements.  We complete projects with locally owned business, national chains, commercial contractors, and everywhere in between. We perform many small projects, however we also have the capacity to carry out large scale projects better than most firms in our industry.

Especially for Commercial Contractors, we have made a firm commitment to service. We aggressively pursue the documentation that you and your clients need. As necessary, this includes insurance certificates, safety documents, shop drawings, payment applications, lien waivers, or whatever particular you might request. Even if protective covers are a small part of your project, improperly managed fabrication, installation, or contract documents can create big headaches, especially when the product must be installed near the end of a project. Also, we are proud of our exemplary safety record inside our manufacturing facility and on our job sites.

Our rugged frames are assembled by seasoned welding professionals, using top quality materials, state of art equipment, and proven methods.  Whether we are working with steel, aluminum, or something out of the ordinary, our frames are designed to be strong, stable and durable for the long term. If a colored frame is required, we offer direct to metal paint or powder coating.

We offer quite a broad selection of fabrics with varying properties of light transmittance, UV resistance, water repellency, graphic receptiveness, and flame, mildew and wick resistance. We’ll help you choose the most appropriate fabric for your specific installation.

Macon Tent & Awning Co., Inc. is a long term supporter and member of the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association.

Here are some of our many commercial installations: